I use to preach hate in my verses
God took my fate and reversed it
Excaped from the worthless
Now I perform on stages in churches
Brakin' through satans diversions
And that's just scraping the surface
This earth is filled with perversion
Racists hatred and curses
Plus the end of the world is approaching getting closer and closer
Coming like a thief in the night
Blink of an eye and it's over
Blessed with this heaven sent gift I spit to preach a message to show ya
Mold a sick witted nit wit into a spiritual soldier
Every since.an adolescent
Satan insisted to mess with me
He kept stressin' and stressin' me
Until he got the best of me
Till Angeles from heaven decent
Cast out demons possessin' me said to me complete my destiny and live on like a legacy
Now I live born again.
While some live for thier Benjamin's
Depending on dividends
When they're missin' what there existance is
But they insists on givin' in
To the sin that they're livin' in
When they should of been listenin'
To young discipline Christian men

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